Legal provisions:

Growing hemp in France is regulated by two rulings: one established on August 22,1990 and the other on February 21, 2008.
French laws prohibit growing hemp for flower harvests (see rulings and links below), and is only authorised for fibre, straw and seed purposes.
You can read the MILDECA publication on the topic.
Furthermore, only varieties authorised in France can be grown in the country. You can view the list of authorised varieties at www.gnis.fr and www.legifrance.gouv.fr.
The first list contains varieties which can be grown but not propagated, and selling the harvest is usually prohibited.
Varieties grown for propagation and the sale of harvests must appear in the second list as well.

Any grower not in contract with an approved processor must go to the local police station and provide a copy of seed invoices, copies of each of the red certificates attached to each sack of seeds and a letter identifying the registered land plots where the crop is grown and its purpose.

CBD – Update on the regulatory framework

Ruling of February 21, 2008

Ruling of December 15, 2016

Article R5132-86 of the French Public Health Code